So many people in this life want thing without any effort. We see that doctor’s home and say, “I’d sure like to have a home like that.” But we don’t want to go to school for fifteen years so we can make the kind of money to buy a home like that.  We see a young man walking through the mall.  It looks like his muscles are about to burst out of his shirt and we say, “man, I’d like to have muscles like that.”  You can if you go to the gym five times a week and pump iron till it feels like your arms and legs are going to fall off.  Or we see a Pastor of a large church; he’s prosperous and drives a nice car and lives in a beautiful home.  We say, “I want a church like that and a car like that and a home like that.”  The question is, are you willing to do what they had to do to get what they have?  In the case of the Pastor, are you willing to be faithful over a handful of not so perfect people, seek God, study His Word, obey Him when it doesn’t make sense, be persecuted and publicly criticized and sometimes humiliated?  You see, many believers have the attitude that just because they are saved and in the family of God, that somehow God is supposed to give them everything they ever dreamed of without any effort, or work, or discipline on their part.  The fact is, it costs what it costs and it never goes on sale.  Yes, God does want to proper you, and bless you, but, sometimes, you’re going to have to go through something. Sometimes you have to struggle.  Sometimes you have to fight.  There is something in the struggle that is necessary for us to go through in order for us to become what God has ordained us to be.  When you go through the struggle in the Lord, you develop some spiritual muscles, compassion, patience, endurance and some long-suffering. So when others encounter their struggle, you can speak a word in season to them. When you encounter struggles, that is where you learn that not only is God in the struggle with you, but that He will bring you through it.  Your experience in the struggle can be the stepping stone of faith for future victories.  Just remember, God always brings His children through.

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