Another thing that throws us off course is the lack of consecration or running half energetically with divided activity.  Those who run half energetically are lazy about their Christian life.  There is a frightening truth to this lack of consecration. Folks are often led to believe that they could do things better than God if only given the chance. They question God and criticize the world He has made. They don’t agree with the way He’s made it and at the same time, the erroneously think that they know the mind of God. It’s also funny that these same folks, can’t remember where they put their keys, but they will swear that they know the mind of God. You might say that they have PhD’s but kindergarten theology. They haven’t yet grasped that God is to be obeyed, no matter what He asked. The consecrated person will go when and where God says go. If God says jump, they don’t ask, ‘how high’ no. no. They just jump. Are you consecrated?

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